Search for Funding

Below is an image of the full "Search for Funding" tool. Your paid membership ($25.00/month or $85.00/year) will provide full access to the over 8,000 Citywide/Regional, Statewide, and National/Federal programs available in the United States and US Territories.

The "Search for Funding" tool allows members to:

  • Search for local, statewide and federal funding programs (grants, loans, tax credits, rebate programs, awards, CLG funds, easement programs)
  • Find work-training / educational opportunities (apprenticeships, fellowships and internships, residency programs, and scholarships).
  • Get full contact information and a website link for each financial resource and educational program.
  • Save programs of interest to your "favorites" list for easy access at any time.

What Financial Resources Are Available and Who Can Apply?

  • Financial programs included grants, loans, tax credits, and rebate programs.
  • Educational and work-training programs include scholarships, internships, fellowships, apprenticeships, and residency programs.
  • There is money available for homeowners, private businesses, historical societies, cultural resource organizations, museums, libraries, archives, university and educational programs, downtown and main street organizations, arts programs, non profit organizations, government agencies and federally-recognized tribes.
Upon joining, the "Search for Funding" tool (see example image below) will become fully active and allow for searches 24/7.
Note: Memberships do not auto-renew. There is no limit to the number of searches you may do while your membership is active.
Preview of the “Search for Funding Sources” tool, available with your membership to